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      Bedding Plants Special Sale!!!
   Premium and Landscapers Choice            Flats. Starting @ $16.99/flat.    
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Many Varieties of Encore & Bloom-a-thon Re-blooming Azaleas  
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        Decorative Tropical Hibiscus              Variety of Blooming Colors & Pot              Sizes Starting @ $10.99
Many TOP QUALITY specimen trees, shade trees, shrubs on sale now!!!
East Palatka Hollies add classic seasonal appeal and their bright red berries attract colorful song birds in winter and early spring.   Cardinals love them! Pictured on the right.
                 Coleus for Sun & Shade

.For bright green summer and brilliant red fall color add the classic Gulfstream Nandina or the Firepower Nandina to your landscape.  Now is the perfect time to plant!
             Roses & Shrubs
              Sun & Shade​